Reverend Ron Pierre Vignec

2007 Laureate

The Rev. Ron Pierre Vignec received the prize in 2007. Pastor Vignec founded the Salishan/Eastside Lutheran Mission in 1985.

He played the key role in revitalizing the Salishan neighborhood in east Tacoma, the largest federal housing project on the West Coast. It once was awash in violence, drugs, prostitution, and ethnic tensions, but Vignec’s hard work has helped drop every measurable crime statistic in Salishan.

The nomination submission from Louis Zubaly and Bill Lincoln stated that Pastor Ron’s activities “exemplify international peace work within diverse and often troubled communities as he creatively, persistently, effectively and non-intrusively responds to the need of citizens and non-citizens while striving to find ways to help them develop sustainable cultures of peace with justice.” Former Bishop David Wold remarked, “Ron is my passport to worlds I have not known.”

Rev Ron Vignec
2007 Ron Vignec

Pastor Ron, as he is known in the community, has been serving the community for years demonstrating authentic leadership as a liaison with law enforcement, educators, news reporters, community organizations, non-profit agencies, businesses as well as community, civic and elected government leaders. His approach to community service and the building of communities has created a positive evolution of the fabric of the Salishan/Eastside region of the county and far beyond. Mr. Lincoln adds, “People from all over the world have made Tacoma their home, often coming from war torn regions or from extreme poverty. If we want peace in the world we need to strive for peace with justice at home as well, particularly in concert with persons of different cultures and beliefs. For years, we have had among us a true peace worker who deals with global problems on our local scene.”

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Pastor Ron Vignec, known in Tacoma as the “Bishop of Salishan”, passed away on Sunday, November 10, 2013. The Memorial Service was held on Thursday, Nov. 21 at Urban Grace Church in Tacoma, Washington. Here is an article about the service from the News Tribune. Pastor Ron will be greatly missed!

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