Nominations are closed. Stay tuned for 2024 nomination information.

 Who may submit a nomination?

Anyone may nominate, but a nomination will not be considered unless all criteria are met.

What are the criteria for a nominee?

The nominee must be an individual or organization with significant ties to the greater Tacoma area.

The nominee must have significantly contributed to local, regional, national, or world peace and harmony and/or had a positive impact on the Greater Tacoma area.  In particular, the Committee will look at the nominee’s genuine commitment to peace, attention to diversity, hands-on involvement in peace work, longevity of service in peace work, and impact of peace work.

Further instructions can be found on the 2023 nomination form.

When are nominations accepted?

Nominations may be submitted after January 1 and must be postmarked no later than March 31.

When is the Prize announced and awarded?

The name of the recipient will be announced in April, and the award will be presented at the 2023 GTPP Laureate Recognition Banquet in the fall.

What are the expectations of the GTPP Recipient?

The recipient is expected to attend a minimum of four events representing GTPP and the Greater Tacoma area: (1) the 17th of May Parade in Seattle, which celebrates Norway’s Constitution Day, (2) the Laureate Recognition Banquet in the fall, when the award will be presented, (3) the Nobel Peace Prize events in Norway in December, and (4) the following year’s Laureate Recognition Banquet, where he/she will make a presentation about the Nobel / Norway experience.